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Re: Compound li

Bench looks fine. Squat looks good too.

Powerclean is hard to critique with such a light bar. Technically, you don't jump, but when the weight gets heavy there is an explosion like a jump.

Deadlift wasn't too bad. Since your plates are smaller than the typical olympic plate, you have to start a little lower. I wonder if your hips don't need to start out as low. Also, it looks like you don't fully extend/open your hips at the top of the lift.

In the press you are pushing your head too far forward that it letting your upper back collapse, I think you can get away with it with your current weight on the bar, but when it gets heavy, you'll need a stable torso/thorax. So just get the head through, don't over do it and make sure the shoulders shrug up at the end.

In the long run, some type of spotting system for squats and bench will be important.

If you keep doing these lifts with top form, you'll be needing more weight.
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