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Re: My Midlife Crisis

Thanks for the encouragement! I really needed it after yesterday and today.
I did the first two rounds at 185# and with jumping and curling up pullups. Then on round three I dropped the bar while doing the squats, so I moved the weight down to 135 to try to grind out the rest. I finished five rounds before my left arm started just screaming in pain from the arm injury last week, so I called it quits. I am sitting here at home now and it hurts to just type. I am praying my Ibuprofen kicks in as soon as possible. I am so relieved tomorrow is my rest day. If I ever get to the point where I am really able to do these routines with any sort of fidelity to the actual WODs, the guys at Valley Fight Club in Hanford where I train for MMA better run!
This is definitely a workout series that will inspire humility, I can tell that already. To really do the WODs as instructed, every time, would challenge world class athletes. So, how long until you noticed some real changes to your physique or performance?
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