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BIG D 2009 D & D Powerlifting Extravaganza

Well guys BIG D did it again. He broke 4 more World Records in the 14-15 yr. old 220 lb. Class at a body weight of 198.6 lbs.

He competed in the 2009 D & D Powerlifting Extravaganza hosted by Evolved Athletics in Ft. Myers, Fl. on Aug. 15th, 2009. HIs new World Records include:

Squat= 400lbs. (Not his personal gym best but he hasn't really trained the squat for almost 3 weeks)

Bench Press= 280 lbs.

Deadlift= 470 lbs.

Total= 1150 lbs.

He lifted a total of 5.79 x's his body weight.

Click here for video W/F/S

Click here for photos
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