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Yeah that's a good idea. It's hard to avoid the benefits of a well done snatch. It's a awesome movement. I've just been thinking about this for a while. It all started when I saw a video that I made. I was watching one women who is very technical on, she does the snatch with such grace and strength. As I watched her do them during a long arduous workout she was taking the full blow on her shoulder...yikes. So from then on I've been doing a mental study. I also saw a vid of myself doing them in a long barn burner workout and was like ...that looks bad.
I think I've come to the conclusion that they serve a better purpose when done in low reps or partitioned within a workout with low reps. As a coach you have to be constantly on your trainees to receive the snatch with the hips and legs.
I actually prefer to do them with a KB anyhow. But the DB is a more available tool in classes.
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