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Re: Post workout nutrition for a big guy?

Originally Posted by Larry Lindenman View Post
I'll join the group by saying. If post workout nutrition means anything, it's very small picture stuff (by the way skim chocolate milk has the same nutrient profile as the insanely expensive post workout drinks). You need to get the big picture in place, then deal with small stuff when your going from 12% BF to 6% BF. Right now, nutrition, training, recovery. In that order. You need to be consistent. Don't worry about supplements, except: large amounts of Fish Oil (10g or >). Go for a 45 minute walk every day (separated from the WOD by at least 5 hours). Be consistent and don't cheat for at least a couple of months. Weigh and measure you food for at least 3 weeks, you'd be surprised at what your eating. No calorie containing beverages; only water, tea, coffee.
Thanks guys. I should have been more clear. I was thinking in terms of Zone and wanted to make sure it wasn't something I shouldn't consider doing? Is milk not good Larry? It's allowable by Zone standards and I drink a cup or two a day mostly before bed. It's an easy way to get my blocks for a snack. David how long did it take you to lose your bf?

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