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Re: Post workout nutrition for a big guy?

hey brandon,

The only studies that I have seen that suggest that classic BB PWO protocols help at all have been done on extreme efforts that have lasted longer than 1.5hours. Now, I haven't a clue where the paper is, but I'll do a google scholar search and or ask G. if he knows where to look, but my understanding is that Sprint athletes in short efforts never reach a level of glyco depletion that would maximize the protein uptake and shuttling of aminos that are supposed to occur and are the basis of most of the articles around the PWO craze.

Since Larry's efforts are, and correct me if I overstep here, Larry, based on mitigation of BF first and formost. There is no litt that I have ever seen to suggest that ANY simple sugars PWO are of benefit when fat loss is the primary goal.

So, if your quest is to desperately add lean mass? Go for the Standard BB PWO, I have clients that swear by it. If the goal is rapid fat loss, dont thwart the effort with crap sugars and insulin.

(... on the factual tip, EPOC gets shot to hell as soon as you eat sugars and ditch your glucogon, so the whole sexiness of HIIT is for naught if you go PWO)
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