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Re: Post workout nutrition for a big guy?

Hi Larry,

I started my journey at 316lbs at 5'11" and about 42% bf. I am at 230 right now at about 12%bf. Faster, stronger and happier than ever. I know the drill.

PWO nutrition a la classic bodybuilding is basic horsesh*t that was based on some evidense that if the body was in supraglycogen depletion that the insulin spike from tossing back a combo of dextrose/maltodextrin and protein imediately post effort, with zero fat, would cause some magical increase in protein synthesis, so multitudes of athletes were mixing glucose polymers, waxy maize and cold filtered whey isolates while still on the gym floor or worse yet, in the locker room.

Have you ever seen this? People mixing their meal in a room of sweaty naked guys. Um... I'll pass.

If you goal is performance enhancement and FAT loss, then please, within 30-60 minutes post effort, eat. Just eat. Make sure its zone ratio friendly and if you are crushing your workout efforts, make it a meal rather than a snack and leave it at that.

The needs of BBers or Strength athletes that are, in some cases, carrying as much as 75lbs of extra muscle around and have a testosterone level that permits elevated protein utilization, allow for 60-70gms of protein PWO, we normal humans simply should not consume more than about 30gms of protein per sitting. It's real hard for the body to use that under all but the most unusual circumstances (burn victims oft quadruple those needs or more)

Eat to support your LBM(lean body mass) and not your fat. But EAT your food, dont drink it. Make your body work for the nutrients, besides its way more fun to chew it than not.
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