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Re: Chasing Virtuosity

Originally Posted by John Schneider View Post

I decided to get my MS in ex phys because I eat this stuff up. I got my undergrad in criminal justice before I realized that I didn't want to be a cop in the civilian world. I minored in fitness my last year and a half of undergrad. I'll be getting out in Feb and will be opening my own affiliate in Pittsburgh.

Wish your husband a belated 232nd birthday for me. I went through Anniston for enlisted MP school back in '98. We were one of the last classes to go through there before they moved everything to Leonardwood, Missouri.
Hey John,
My husband got his undergrad in Business. He went through enlisted MP school in 84 at Lackland, and some school, not advanced MP, he was exempt from that...hmmm not sure what we were at Anniston for but it was a short school back in Sept 97~May/June 98. Possible you both we there the same time.
Congrats on your potential affiliate. Keep me posted on how it goes.
I am working on training out of my home and working for an affiliate to get myself up and running before opening our place on our own property~ That's the goal~
Happy belated Bday to you too!
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