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Re: Lifting Cycles

Originally Posted by Sean J Hunter View Post
It's hard to say Jason, strength programming has WAY more to it them most realize.
What are your Personal Bests, and (assuming you've lost some strength) what are your current lifts in DL, BS, BP, SP, PC?
Do you want to sacrifice, maintain, or continue to develop your MetCon, as you also work on strength
Do you want to hypertrophy?
Why do you want to get stronger (i.e. Compete in CF, for work, just cos...etc)

Programming varies wildly, depending on the answers to these questions

Ok Reasons I want to do a cycle.
1. get stronger
2. look toner/ not body builder type
3. I have the time to for the next several months
4. I need a goal to work towards.

I am the type that needs something to work towards or I just get i a rut and lose it. The last month I have been working towards a certain time for Murph with a vest. Small goal but 3 boys in baseball doesn't allow for big goals. Now that is almost over so there is time.

I have lost squat strenght is about it.
Current Best
DL 365 385
Bench 215 for both (the one thing i have continued to work on lifting)
Clean 257.5 (Pr about 3 weeks ago)
SP 167.5 (Pr about 6 weeks ago)
Squat I might get 325 now my best is 355.

I do want to continue (get back to where I used to be) on Metcons. I figure between normal crossfit plus the more distance I spend on my bike and running I will get that back.

I am ok with a 8 or 12 week cycle honestly. I just through 4 out as a refernce but 8 or 12 would really keep me going through the summer months.

I am 41 years old and currently weigh about 195. My current optimal weight for crossfit is 186 to 189.
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