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Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?

I hope new users can still register. I think the strength of the forum is that there is some oversight, and you can get booted for not following the rules of the forum. I don't like reading comments on Facebook or other unmoderated sites because people are idiots. This forum has a higher quality than that.

I found the post from a moderator talking about a forum re-boot. She said that the forum project was bogged down because people at HQ were focused on Games organization. She made this comment just before the 2014 Games. So, the project has been bogged down for a while.

The forum has over 59,000 members registered, and about 800 "active." A lot of people sign up and read and lurk, and a lot of people sign up and forget about it.

Particularly as the community has grown, we're not the only game in town. 10K affiliates, as many blogs and facebook pages and etc., and, like the main page, we are less of the central place for discussion.

All of that said, there has never been a "mass banning." There are 186 banned users, and half of those are spammers who got banned after one or two posts. And the board isn't down to squash discussion.

The board was shut down in the interim of bringing a new, more fully featured and modern version on line; unfortunately that project has gotten bogged down. After the Games there should be a run at getting that project completed and getting registrations back up and running. (wfs)

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