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Re: Diary of a Fat Troll

Total failure yesterday. I got crap sleep and had no energy. I got to the gym and started warming up. Things were good. I got to 185, then my elbows started killing me. It was pretty bad pain. Being dumb, i went up to 205. That just made it worse. I could barely make 205, which i can do 3-5 reps of. I was so mad/depressed/frustrated from not only the pain, but not making 205, that i called it quits.

I had to ice my elbows they hurt so bad. They feel way better today, but i can still fell some residual pain. Im so ****ed this happened. First the knees, the shoulder, now this. Im gonna give bench a rest for a week, re evaluate my program and fix the elbows.

I swear im cursed when it comes to bench press. I never got a single injury from squats or deads, but bench seems to be out to get me. Im so frustrated.
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