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Re: Anyone my age and female?!

One of my favorite things that I've heard a lot of the games athletes like Blair Morrison and Khalipa say is that the reason Crossfit is such a camaraderie driven sport where we're all encouraging each other to do our best is that a lot of people think of it in terms of, "it's me versus the workout, not me versus anyone else". And it's funny cause even though competition is high no one ever tries to sabotage anyone else and no one speaks badly about anyone else. In one video I saw where Khalipa was going against Spealler the camera guy asked Khalipa if he was worried Spealler would beat his time and Jason replied that he hoped Spealler would beat his time. That's what makes this sport so great and so different. It breaks down all the stupid walls between people and lets old people, guys, girls, kids, fat, skinny, short, and tall all workout together without everyone having to judge each other.
I'm a 22 year old guy, but to me I don't really care about if I have other 22 year old dudes to crossfit with. I'd just as soon do a workout with you or with my grandma cause it's just as fun.
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