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Brian Lanier
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After following Crossfit for a couple of years, I have finally bought off on the Zone, with notable success. However, as a US Marine, I am sure that I find myself in the same boat as many other Crossfitters whose operational requirements will prevent them from having access to fresh fruits and vegetables from time to time.

It's clear from searching the archives that there isn't a perfect zone meal/snack replacement, and that natural foods are the best source of nutrition. However, I was wondering if anyone had determined the best case scenerio for times when only packaged food is available. There are several products that claim to be low in "impact carbs," which presumably means that they include carbs with low GIs. Among these are Atkins products, and others. Are these claims of low GI legitimate, and if so, would that make them a better snack/meal sub that something like the ZonePerfect bars? Beyond that, does anyone have any ideas for more suitable choices?
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