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Re: Help me help my wife!

Dmitri, thanks for a good laugh. I'm guessing you aren't married?
Originally Posted by Dimitri Dziabenko View Post
Whatever you do, tell her that she *must* exercise.
yeah, I'm not so sure that approach will work.

Dmitri brings up very good points, especially about having a loved one who could live longer and be happier by becoming more fit. If you have a loved one (mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, etc.) who is "out of shape" it can be difficult finding what would motivate them to exercise and improve their eating habits.

In my personal experience light encouragement (don't be a nag) is beneficial. If she is interested in some other physical activity then encourage it. She doesn't have to do CrossFit, and you may find that after she begins to get more fit through whatever avenue, she may then become more interested in CrossFit. Also, if she does attempt some WODs with you, make sure you do not hurt her. I made a huge mistake one time. My wife started doing a few WODs with me, and one day I was in the mood to do a WOD with a lot of pull ups. I encouraged her to try it, but after it was all over she hurt bad for a few days. That was not extremely encouraging for her. She still pursues CF methods, but it took a while for interest to build back up after the pain went away.

It reminded me of an article in the CF Journal that stated if you hurt people early on they won't come back. It's exactly the same thing for our family members. As you get healthier and happier, your loved ones will probably become interested. They may also be nervous about joining you. If they do join you but leave with bad muscle pain for days, they may become discouraged and not return.
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