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Re: New Female looking for serious help!

There are many things to do ;-D

For starters reading the FAQ will get you a lot of information you are looking for. Also if you feel that you are not up to the WOD as rx'd, than use the start here tab because the link to brandX has scaled versions of the workouts, and specific weights for women as well.

Nutrition wise there is a whole thread here, and maybe even picking up a book on Paleo diet is where people would point you.

As for what you should do tomorrow, it depends. As it is the WOD for the day is rest But usually active rest is recommended, and maybe even trying the official crossfit warmup(also found in the FAQ) would be a good thing to try, so you can gauge where some of you important skills are. Also spend some time lurking around the website, check out the girls of crossfit thread that is in the starting section of the forum that you have obviously already found.

People around here are generally nice, and willing to help, but, you should read the FAQ's and do some searches in the forums before just asking all your questions, because many of the questions you have, probably have been asked before.

Good luck! And welcome.
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