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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday morning and both of us were feeling quite good. Makes such a difference when you sleep well.

Plan - accessory work and consistency

Warm up
5min on the AAB, nice and easy, get the blood flowing. We kept between 48-56 RPM.

Extensive shoulder warm up with bands tied to the rig

All of these are done laying face down on a mat.

5 rounds of

5 - Shoulder retractions over kettlebell
5 - End of Range external rotations
5 - Over emphasised swimming
5 - Lat retractions
5 - Rear delt pulses

No rush on these, full control. We alternated between rounds. After 5 rounds you really feel it.


1 Power snatch every 12 seconds for 10 minutes

Wife - 18kgs/40lbs
Myself - 34kgs/75lbs

I did have another idea of a 10min EMOM, 5 power snatches but i realised that TnGO power snatches would not really be that hard to complete and there is a good chance to repeat bad technique as they are so fast. So i decided that we should complete the same number of reps but we would have to reset after each rep, this equaled 1 rep every 12 seconds.

If you watch Rich Froning he is so consistant and his timing is amazing, if you watch him very closely you can see he uses his breathing to pace, 2,3,4 deep breaths before hitting the next rep, thats how and why he knows exactly where he is, what he's doing but most important when and if he can push the pace.

To force us to be consistant with limited time 12 seconds was perfect.

Complete the first rep, step back, step forward, grab the bar, set up and hit the next rep on the clock. Over time you work out how fast you need to be, when you need to grab the bar and find a solid starting position. Most important remember to breath and control this and much as possible.

An absolute no no.. is to just bend over and grip it and rip it, you need to get into your normal starting position in a very short time. If you have bad techinque you will start to feel it in places after 10, 20 or 30 reps which means that you need to focus again, adjust and continue.

Due to my knee i did not push the weight that far... i think 43kgs/95lbs would be good the next time we try this... i was happy with 34kgs/75lbs and the reps felt good. The wife was going to go with 20kgs but then she decided to take off 10% and go with 18kgs, after we were done she said that it was a good idea and she felt good throughout. We both started to feel it in the lower back region at around 30 reps which was expected after all of the accessory work before this.

Cool down
20min stretch

and that was that for this week... back Monday
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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