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Dexter Wise
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Excess Equipment for Deployed Soldiers

Hello, my name is Dexter Wise. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan and trying to get my soldiers to go away from 1/4 squats and bicep curls as the staples of their workout. I've started doing CrossFit workouts once a week (I had to throw an incentive in there...if I get beat then I'll take their guard shift, KP, replace them on a detail, etc) but we have limited equipment. We have been able to make do with what we have but my feeling is more equipment would lead to more soldiers participating and being able to get better workouts in.

We have 3 barbells, 1 kettlebell, 1 squat rack with an attached pullup bar, 1 C2 rower, 1 GHD, and 2 jump ropes currently. We are scheduled to be followed by another unit who will be here for approximately a year so anything sent will be used and appreciated by many soldiers.

I am not positive about this but military members can use the military postal service to mail items weighing less than 70 lbs to other military addresses for free. If someone could verify or refute that it would be appreciated, as would any excess barbells, kettlebells, etc you may have and be willing to send to us.

Here is my address if you are able to help:
2LT Dexter Wise
A/1-84 FA
COP Qaisar
APO AE 09368
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