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Re: Need a little help with Crossfit

Originally Posted by Bryce Horrell View Post
My questions:

What is metcon? How does it work?

Originally Posted by Bryce Horrell View Post
What are the crossfit strength routines? I heard one of them on the forum - 70's Big. I looked it up and there was no explanation for it. All I got in my search were peoples WOD's.
There is no such thing a "crossfit strength routines" there are other programs which follow crossfit or similar methodology, or work well in complement to crossfit style workouts. 70s big is just one of those programs, there is no explanation required for it, if you've seen the program you know it is several strength days with a couple conditioning workouts allowed during the week, you could do a metcon (anything for time) or come up with your own workout.

Originally Posted by Bryce Horrell View Post
If I planned to create my own workout of the days, what movements, sets, and reps, would you recommend for strength through crossfit?

Would following the websites WOD's be a good way to start getting acqainted?
Yes following or any affiliate website programming would be a good way to get familiar with the style, type of workout, and movements used typically - whether that will help you reach your training goals is totally dependent on where you are now and what you are trying to achieve. CF.Com is certainly not the best program for every person's goals.

Typically as someone new to CF, you wouldn't want to program your own workouts.
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