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Foot pain along outside of left foot

Since saturday evening I have been struggling with sharp pain in my left foot that only hurts when I walk. Once I sit down there is no throbbing pain and after sitting when I get up to walk everything is fine for 15 steps and then gradually the pain comes back until I am limping a little. There is no visible swelling so I am quite perplexed.

Now it is Monday and the pain is the same if not more pronounced than Saturday. For back ground I ran a 5K road race on Sat. morning and did the shuttle sprint CFFB wod in the afternoon. Also once more note, I have a faint red bruise (the size of a child's band-aid, odd that it is red and not purple) right above the injured area. I have circled the injured area and crudely drawn the bruising since I can't photograph right now. Picture is not my foot but taken off of Google.
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