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After reading some of Dr. Sears information on suppliments(fish oils) he seems to be making the claim that his products are superior to those found in healthfood stores.
Quote from website:}
Yes, it's possible to take too much fish oil. However, if you're consuming pharmaceutical-grade fish oil, there's generally very little downside. Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing for the fish oil you find in health food stores. That oil contains significantly more contaminants than the pharmaceutical grade product, and can have major gastrointestinal side effects. So stick with the pharmaceutical grade ultrarefined EPA/DHA concentrates.

Obviously he wants to make a profit, but what he sells seems to be much higher than what I can find at the healthfood stores. what is the reality when purchasing Omega3's compared to Dr. Sears sales pitch for his products. For example, I just purchased a 240 count bottle here for $11.00

On Dr Sears website he is selling a 120 count bottle of Omega3 for $40.00 =ThirdPartyShoppingCart&navAction=ZLWTPAllProducts PageOpenV4&dbAction=NONE&extRe ferrerID=zonedietcom&PartnerID=zonedietcom

*Note* This is not a slam at Dr. Sears, who I have learned a ton of information from and have a great deal of respect. I just don't want to pay $50.00 for something I can get for $15.00 at a healthstore considering I have already bought most of his books and pay monthly for his website subscription.
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