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Its seems fairly clear that most pre-agricultural peoples ate plenty of fats when they could get it. But they also ate plenty of plant foods because these were much easier to gather than hunting down an animal.

On the weston price website there is a section which shows what the authors of the site eat.

For me the diets they eat have far to little vegetables and fruits. I think its fine if you eat organic organ meats, raw milk, coconut and other high fat foods but you've also got to include a lot of fresh plant matter. It looks to much like an organic version of the Aitkins diet. Some Native American nations may have eaten diets that were mainly made up of animals but they ate the stomach and intestines of the animal which was filled with predigested and fermented plant foods.

Enig & Fallon criticize the Paleo Diet for being to low in fat which I think is a fair call. Sure wild game has far higher percentages of lean tissues and has much less fat overall than animals grown by modern farming methods but in the Paleo diet the whole animal was eaten and organ meats have much higher levels of fat.

Finally they may be eating a diet which is closer to what we evolved to eat than the processed post industrial diet of today but I doubt their academic movement patterns resemble the vigorous active lifestyles of the cultures whose diets they studied.

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