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I have not read "Eat Fat Lose Fat" either, but I did read a book titled "Eat Fat Get Thin" by Barry Groves( that I would recommend. I began reading about dietary fat, cholesterol, and traditional nutrition after my father had a bad reaction to a prescription cholesterol medication. He is no longer taking that medication and the symptoms he experienced have abated, although I believe he did suffer some permanent harm. I think it is important for people to understand that food production is an immensely powerful industry, and the health of consumers is a very low priority compared to maximizing profits.

For me, the greatest benefit of reading in this body of knowledge was realizing the critical importance of diet to health. I was fortunate to grow up in a family that ate mostly unprocessed food. However, in college and then living on my own, I ate what was convenient, mostly based on highly processed starch. Only in the last year have I changed to a healthier diet based on meat/fish/eggs, fruit/vegetables, nuts/berries, and basically eliminating processed sugar and starch. The benefits were immediate and very noticeable. The bottom line for me is this, I cannot trust the food industry with my health. Sadly, waking up to this reality is not so easy in a world saturated with the skillful advertising of powerful industries.

To end on a positive note, this Crossfit community is a shining example of folks living and promoting a healthy, active, and informed way of life, not for monetary profit, but instead for the profit and benefit that comes from a healthy, fit, and giving community. What a great year 2004 turned out to be, coming out of a junk-food induced trance and finding Crossfit. Much to be thankful for!

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