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Re: Testosterone test confliction

I think I would consider consulting another doctor.. Offering to supplement at this point is a bit dodgy. Especially with no other testing done to source out your reason for it. Consider an endrocrinologist or a urologist with infertility focus. There is a lot of money being made on hormone supplementation for anti aging, and for getting buff.

so.. the difference in levels and such:

Laboratories vary in how they perform testosterone tests. To be sure
of the result, have all your testosterone tests done at the same
location at roughly the same time of day. And to make matter more confusing...
Different labs measure free testosterone differently. Throw this in to the mix
that few men have baseline measurements of their testosterone (free or
total) before feeling blah, or disinterested in sex. So its kinda hard to know what your normal was verses a text book. And the text book is only now being altered as Men's health issues and the acceptance of andropause... male menopause.
But since you in your 20s ... something else should be looked at verses.. low levels
testosterone production increases rapidly at the onset of puberty and decreases rapidly after age 50 and are near depleted by your 80. So its not a chronic issue with you. And since its not old issue like something you were born with as in a congential problem like undescented testes ( i am assuming here)
Leaving the aquired /acute onset, which doesnt have alot of good things to it. Are you a big alcohol drinker? or were you drinking within a couple of days of your bloodwork? As alcohol intake is big in this.
other causes are Head trauma that affects the hypothalamus, Infection (e.g., meningitis, syphilis, mumps) I think Mono maybe in this too but not sure so dont hold this as gospel. , Isolated LH deficiency ( body not producing female counter part., Radiation ,Testicular trauma , Tumors of the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, or testicles

The comments about your nutrition maybe something to look at.. try tweaking your diet and seeing how that goes. Far cheaper than buy test and less side effects for a young guy.

inbox me if you need a name of a good gp in cairns.. I know one. you can get a second opinion with him, and if need be a referral to a specialist.
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