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Re: Testosterone test confliction

Firstly, Many thanks for all your input...

Frank, I am 24, M, 85kg (187 pounds), Retail Manager, usually 8-9hrs sleep (average)
I eat mostly Paleo, im a creature of habit, working day daily intake rarely varies from
3-4egg omelete w fruit - breakfast
1 1/2 scoops protein, tin coconut milk, banana - snack
1/2 whole chicken, broccoli, EVOO - lunch
1 1/2 scoops protein, tin coconut milk, banana - snack
300g steak, sweet pot or vegies - dinner
Usually another protein shake before and occassionally during sleep......

I dont have a regular doctor and he is a general practice MD, I baulked at the mention of steroids (think he was questioning whether i wanted them for "jacking" purposes)...

As far as test's, I believe it was iron levels etc.. he mentioned cholesterol, triglycerides.. about 3 pages worth of which the testosterone was the only one in the red....

From an overtraining perspective... possible.... blood test's where done on a deloading week after an intensive month of 5 x 5's & 1RM 90 - 100%'s, looking at the last sentence I dont know if that's "it"... Ive been on the low for some time now.... Just pushed through it...

Again, many thanks
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