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Kat Campise
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I've been doing an AM.CF and PM.MA (Muay Thai) schedule for about four weeks now. Although my body is specifically adapted to perform two workouts per day (I used to do HOURS of cardio training for fitness competitions and body part BB type weight training, then MORE cardio), I find that the dual intensity of CF and MT requires a "down cycle" (actually, I'm only going to do CF this week until Friday, and then resume my regularly scheduled program ;) for me personally. The last time I did not schedule a microcycle of down time, my body forced me to go down for 10 weeks after pulling a minor glute muscle (I could not walk).

As noted above, I can tell when I'm overtrained as I absolutely do not look forward to my training (I'm a CF/MT geek, this feeling is the kiss of death for me, I hate it), while being a bit "restless".

I know everyone is a bit different, but I do often recommend the aforementioned scheduled "down time". It not only refreshes physically, but psychologically as well. I come back to Muay Thai with an increase in my performance.

Just some thoughts. :winkiss:
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