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In June I started a program where I went from being virtually sedentary for a few months to working out at least two hours a day, doing CF, running, capoeira, and cardio. My diet was perfectly Zoned, I was getting plenty of sleep, and I'm in my early 20s. You can check my workout log for a week-and-a-half snapshot of this period.

I lasted for about two weeks before pulling a hamstring, spraining a knee, and putting myself out for almost a month.

I think whether or not your schedule is overtraining depends on your current fitness level. I loved my schedule--I'd never felt that kind of energy before--and it definitely did not feel like overtraining. But because I was out of shape my body couldn't keep up with my enthusiasm and I injured myself. I wanted it, I wanted it bad, but I wasn't smart about it at all.

I'm now doing just CF. This week I plan on starting to add in extra workouts, but not at all like the rate I was before. If I were you I would start out just doing one workout a day, and after a week or two start adding more during the week depending on how in shape you are. However, it looks like you don't want to work out twice a day six days a week like I was, so it's probable you may not find the same issues at me.

EDIT: Also, you have the freakiest user icon I've seen on these boards!

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