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Tim's WOD Log

I first heard of CrossFit from a personal trainer from the globo gym i work at. We would exchange knowledge of how to better educate people and ourselves on proper form and technique when doing strengthening exercises. He then asked if I knew what CrossFit was. I had no clue what he was talking about. I come from a background of bodybuilding mentality and some of the things he was telling me made no sense. "Why would you ever want to swing your hips when trying to do a chinup?" "What the hell is a Turkish Get Up?" None-the-less I was intrigued and I looked up CrossFit on youtube. From that moment on my life changed.

I cant just go into the gym anymore and just workout chest, or back, or legs. I dont see the point in it. People have different goals in life and of course my way is not going to fit everyone elses tastes, but for me and a few of my friends, CrossFit is the only type of training that actually strengthens the body, mind, and soul! I always have a great workout and leave the gym knowing that I actually accomplished something great.

I have been studying CrossFit training philosophies, practicing Olympic lifts, and training semi-CrossFit style for the passed while but never really did the Rx'd WOD's.

I religiously began doing the CrossFit WOD's on Saturday February 2nd 2008 with Tabata Something Else. I just came off a month long hiatus from a stress fracture on my left foot and was kind of weary about doing the workout, but I figured "just go for it." I should have started off slow but i was so excited to be working out again that i just went full force. I almost died. It took me forever to recover but I made it through.

Scaled to 16 sets

17,13,12,7 = 49

23,16,9,7 = 55

Situps (feet anchored knees 90):
14,11,10,10 = 45

17,15,14,12 = 58

Total = 207 Reps.

And so begins my CrossFit journey....
"it's not just training... it's a LIFESTYLE!"
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