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Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log


Clean and Jerk
20xSome, 70x2+1, 70x2+1, 90x2+1, 90x2+1, 100x2+1, 110x2+1, 116x2+1, 121x2+1, 125x1 (F#2), 125x1 (F#2), 132x1, 138 (F)

Glass half full half empty here. On one hand I'm happy about the make at 132, on the other I really wanted to get the second clean on one of those attempts at 125. Both set to my butt.

1 1/4 Front Squat
20x10, 70x5, 90x3, 110x3, 120x3, 130x2, 140x1, 145x1, 150x1, 135x3, 135x3, 122x5

Going to be doing a lot of these in the run up to the next meet. Working up to a single and then down sets and lots of them.

Got to stay tighter in the bottom of cleans.
28/5'9"/190/Squat 207 KG/Press 89 KG/Deadlift 220 KG/Snatch 111 KG/C&J 140 KG/Log
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