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Re: A much better scoring system for the Games.

I think you can go back and forth on the merits of a placing-based score system (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd...) versus a percentage-based system like you discussed. The counterpoint to your suggestion would be almost every sport I can think of, for instance:

-In a best of 7 series, a team doesn't get extra credit for margin of victory. A 1 point victory counts the same as a 30 point blowout. There have been plenty of series in which a team was dominated on paper, but won more games--the 1960 World Series being a prime example. Pittsburgh was outscored 55-27 but beat the Yankees in 4 of 7 games.
-Same deal for regular season rankings--point or run differential does not matter (except in some tiebreakers), only won-lost records.
-In preliminary heats for Olympic swimming or track events, the top X runners or swimmers advance to subsequent heats regardless of margin of victory within heats or times compared from one heat to another.
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