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Knee problem,Doc says no more CrossFit or working out!?!

I have a client who has the following wrong with her 'knee' and has been told to stop exercising indefinitely:
Here is what the MRI said.

Lateral Patella complete/near complete full-thickness fissure extending in transverse dimension over 3mm where T2 signal abuts the subchondral plate and subtle adjacent patella edema is present.

Mild patellar tilt, lateral patellar subluxation and widened sulcus angle, configuration may predispose to patellar tracking abnormality.

Small joint effusion and mild synovitis.

Mild hyperintensity lateral gastrocnemius may represent mild muscle strain.

She had surgery on the same knee 25 years ago and has not had any real issues since. She began CrossFit 6 months ago and now this happens.

Any ideas or help someone out there can give us would be appreciated?

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