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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Seriously- read the AUP, everybody. There's already been direct name-calling in a thread that seriously doesn't need it.

On the keep-the-game-going side, a ridiculously small school like that (the team they're gathering being little more than a pick-up-game team, and probably not putting a great emphasis on hiring world-class coaches) not only knows it's going to lose, but from the girl's reactions, probably doesn't care. 100-0 is a bit dramatic, but so what? Someone mentioned that perhaps these girls just have other motives like playing basketball with their peers at other schools, and being state champs isn't something they care about. If that's the case, it's hardly humiliating to the losing team to play your best. They're expecting it.

A few other people had options here- the organizers in scheduling the matches, the principals of the schools, etc. Having a team that bad in the league isn't a fluke- everyone knows it and likely knows their potential, so this can't have been unexpected. What makes it different is the character of the coach for the winning team. Could he have played a more practice-style game for the same of helping the team? Maybe. Could he have let his girls play to their best ability and absolutely trounce their opponent (worse than 100-0, that is)? Certainly. A soldier can kill another man and, so long as he does it legally and professionally, we accept it.

That being the case, with the right spin on the coach's response, he probably wouldn't have been fired. The reporting sealed the deal. Some of the articles suggest that the coach was egging his team on to keep scoring again and again, that the girls were 'excited,' and so were the fans. The media painted a picture of a Coliseum slaughterhouse, and whether this happened or not, the coach's career at a Christian school was done. They can't afford to be seen as blood-makes-the-grass-grow-kill-kill-kill players. That's not what these sports are about. We could be seeing a case of Makimba Media, where the framing of the mean-old-drill-sergeant-physical-trainer beating up on the poor-all-american-sailor potentially tainted the portrayal of the event. Who knows?
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