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Re: My Amazing Cheat Day

Originally Posted by James Forshaw View Post
Derek, it's interesting that you won't eat pancakes even if you're pigging out. There have been days where I've eaten chinese, kfc, family bars of chocolate and countless bags of crisps in addition to normal meals all in a 24 hour period, yet I will never eat in McDonalds as long as I live.
Originally Posted by Laura Kurth View Post
ditto. I will eat pancakes, fries, doughnuts etc. But I will NOT eat mac donalds. Never.
I feel like a garbage bin compared to you three. I will eat anything on pig out days
Laura Kurth: If the cookie is going to spawn a 48hour binge-fest where you clean out every dunkin donuts in a 30 mile radius, then maybe you shouldn't have the cookie.
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