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Re: The Dead-Hang Pull-up Society

Okay, I am going to name names. =) So far I think we are moi, Tirzah, Lara, Anu, Danielle, Sara and Jill. Right? Thanks for signing on. It is nice to have a tribe.

What I was doing up to yesterday was body-assisted pull-up on the bar racked chest high. The farther out I put my feet, the more weight is on my arms.

I do about 5 then break then another 5. I'm thinking I should do this a few times a day. I also realized I could set the thing and do heavy weighted pull-downs. And, maybe do the first 5 as fast as I can, then concentrate on the negative on the second 5.

I'm over 100 pounds overweight so it will be a while before I can do my whole body weight.

Two questions:

How does this sound for a plan for now?

What are you doing now?
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