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Re: Affiliate On-Ramp Program Ideas

Originally Posted by Erik Glynn View Post
When new members join your box, what process do they follow to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit?

I am researching how different boxes do 'on-ramp' programs. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
There are different ways to do the on-ramp program; find one that best fits your box and number of trainers/members. Two that I've seen and liked are:
1) 6 30-minute on-ramp 1-on-1 classes for a member; 1st month unlimited classes included in cost; review of all olympic lifts, kettlebells, etc. This provides individual attention to the member for their specific needs. On-ramp classes are usually before or after regularlly scheduled classes.
2) no additional cost; 4-6 classes with an extra trainer during the regular scheduled class. Extra trainer moves through the class instructions at a slower pace with the beginner and gives them special attention at the side of the classroom.

Good luck.
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