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Re: New Crossfitter... Workout?

Well, with the proviso that no single workout is gonna make much difference to you one way or the other, and with the assumption that you're in this for the long haul:

If you're that new to fitness, spending an hour or two working on (air) squat form is a great way to get some active rest on an official Rest Day. It's one of those skills that anyone can work on, regardless of strength level. (unlike say, ring dips, HSPUs, pull-ups...). Take as long as you need to get your breath back between bouts of form work. Stick a bunch of the demo videos on your ipod or whatever and take them to the gym. Emulate that form as closely as possible, keeping a close eye on depth, maintaining the lumbar curve and keeping the knee tracking the line of your foot. Trust me, after an hour or so of that, you'll feel like you got a good workout. And it will help almost every workout you do subsequently too.
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