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Shoulder Exercises To Avoid With A Cervical Herniated Disk

Hi everybody. I'm sure this thread will be useful to anyone who had a herniated disk in the neck.

I was diagnosed with a cervical herniated disk at C5-C6 level last December. I took a break about 2.5 months. I did some neck strengthening exercises during this time.

On March 1st, I got back to training. I started with lighter weights. Now I am close to my pre-injury weights. I trained my chest, arms, back, legs and abs.

I maintained a good body posture and neutral spine position during my lifting sessions. I avoided barbell squats, one arm dumbbell rows, pull-ups, behind neck presses, overhead presses. I had no problem so far.

I want to start training my shoulders but I am confused to select which shoulder exercises. I need advices. Thank you.
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