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Re: Would this be a good idea for WOD

Is this done once a week? 3 times a week? Daily?

Warmup sounds fairly reasonable.

Technique work--I wouldn't be doing kipping toes to bar. There is no point to them unless you are competing, and even then they aren't important enough to warrant weekly technique sessions on them. If you need some core work think about L-sits, holds, abroller work or just even regular toe to bars.

If you are doing a 5x5 strength upper body lift daily, unless you rotate wisely it probably isn't a good choice. If you are doing bench M, Press W then bench Friday, it may work if you are still a beginner to intermediate. Don't forget to balance pressing work with upper body pulling work.

Metcon--I don't think Jim Wendler has ever said anything about "metconning" BBB work. By doing it in a metcon you'll wind up reducing your capacity to handle heavier and heavier weights. So if your goal is to build your strength lifts and gain some mass with BBB, do BBB. Now you can alternate BBB with a press and pulling movement--say close grip bench with ring rows. But it still shouldn't be at a metcon pace. More like work hard on the set, take a rest so you can work hard on the next set but don't take all day (1-2 minutes OR if you are alternating exercises 30s-1m between exercsies).

Rope climbs seem smart.

I think of Tabata as conditioning work. Doing it once in a while for abs and low back is fine. But I'm not sure in the value of doing it all the time.

Finally, what are you doing to figure out how you were squatting wrong to harm your knees? You are probably right in needing some rest, but in the long run you need to start working technique work so you can squat again. It will be hard to crossfit if you can't squat since this feeds into most of the oly movements.
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