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Re: Bullhooey in the Fitness Industry

I think about your question a lot, because I'm working more and more (nutrition and weight loss counseling) with people who are very overweight. After a few weeks working on diet, I introduce activity and the gym.

In thinking through how to construct workouts for extremely deconditioned folks, I try to think about the principles of Crossfit that make it so effective, and then build them in to very simple routines.

I try to incorporate activity that:
1. Uses the whole body
2. Are functional movements
3. Can be executed safely but the intensity can be manipulated through weight, reps, or time.

So some of things I have in my scheme include:
1. Pushups (from pushing off the wall to full pushups)
2. Pullups (from pulling on the Woody bands while standing, to the full gamut of pullup scales)
3. Squats: if only up and down from a chair all the way to full weighted squats
4. Overhead work: from just lifting arms overhead with full ROM to presses and push-presses
5. Walking up stairs
6. Getting DBs (or a light bar) from the ground (DL) to overhead. Walking with the DBs overhead for a length, repeat.
7. Farmer's walk with weights as light as necessary.
8. Throwing a ball back and forth
9. Ball slams with as light a ball as needed
10. Step-ups onto as low a step as needed
11. Deadlifts---with DBs if necessary.

I'm sure there's tons more but incorporating these types of exercises into workouts for the very deconditioned can be creative and rewarding, and most of 'em can be done at a globogym, I think.

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