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Re: Dude, I am so Weak! (for now)

Originally Posted by Steven Quadros View Post
Nia, are you still doing WODs?

Do you own Starting Strength?

If yes to the first, definitely stop until you finish your SS cycle.

If no to the second, buy it now, along with Practical programming, and you'll do much better. Make sure you're eating enough, and, just as important, resting enough, and your progress should be great. Also, make sure you give yourself some time to get your form down before adding weight becomes an issue. Starting a little low (I started at 95 lbs on squat) should give you time to iron out form issues; though you will ironing out issues with form for years to come, better to have an idea of what to do before the weight becomes a real issue.

Best of luck, and if you don't have the book, buy it! If you do, read it until you can recite it; I've readf the squat chapter at least 15-20 times by now.

By the way, 8 weeks later I'm going to be squatting 225x5x3 from 95x5x3; I started weighing around 165 lbs, and now weight almost 190 lbs.

You'll do great!

edit- link to my log
Hi Steven,

Thanks for checking in on me. I've been monitoring your log and progress for the last couple of weeks. Your gains are in large part why I stopped doing the WODs and focused in SS. I do have the book and reread a chapter almost every night. It's amazing how much detail is in that book.

I do think I jumped up in weight to quickly. I went from 95 to 150 in 2 weeks . Then had to back off to work more on form. Although I think I'm doing pretty well now on the squat.

My diet is decent in terms of foods, but I'm horribly lactose intolerant so am having some difficulty getting the calories. I've actually lost about pound since I started SS. I've now learned how to make yogurt which is working for me, but that's only in the last couple of days.

Hopefully my main problem is just a bit of muscle fatigue. I went from doing nothing to 3 weeks of WODs followed by 2 weeks of SS. As an out of shape 35 year old I think I need some extra recovery.
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