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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Wed was the day off. My sisters 50th birthday party at my Moms house.

Thursday was a miss match of stuff.

Warm up with hip circle, stretching and warm up the shoulders. GHD
Ohs then 50# dumbbell squat snatches. Need more time doing these. The right arm is good left is monkey garble.

Clean grip dl- 135x10,185x9,235x8,255x7,285x6,305x5,315x4..

Squat snatch EMOM 10- 95-175, 185F was just a heavy day for the weights.

Did some strict pull ups..

Cant remember the other stuff.

Kind of a day that things just did not click.

If this happens again I need to do strong man. Farmer carry, yolk, stones.. etc
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