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Re: Anyone experimented w/both Gants Hybrid and MEBB?

Originally Posted by Cody Miller View Post
Results?(Strength,speed,endurance, metcon?) I also understand that there seems to be two or three MEBB type programs from reading the PDF on it. Which one is most used and provides the greatest results? The setup that has you do a MEBB workout every second CrossFit day seems interesting but is it enough of a stimulus doing only one exercise? Gant's program seems fun but pretty sporatic as far as programming goes. I kind of like it though. Gives you a bit of freedom to be creative and keep your body guessing. Just looking for thoughts and opinions... It will be hard for me to shy away from a WOD everyday but I'd like to increase strength.
Cody, don't know which kind of MEBB is the best, as always depends on the goal you have. I'm doing the last variation, which coach Rut is posting on his blog since december 1st, 2008. I'm feeling good with it, I'm increasing my numbers and keeping my conditioning to a decent level which is just what I was looking for. If you really miss the everyday wod don't know how you'll possibly handle with this, since is "only" 3 days/week MWF. For me right now is just the perfect combination of weightlifting, metcon, rest, daily schedule , job, etc. I think you should give it a try and see for yourself.
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