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Re: Avoiding shoulder injuries, and fixing them - What's the best course of action?

[QUOTE=Steven Low;247069]

Internet "diagnosing" is quite fun for me actually and I'm fairly decent at it



Please know that I am not trying to pick a fight with you or bash you on this forum. I'm still new to the forum, so i certainly don't want to **** anyone off, not yet at least

At any rate, what may be "fun" for you could be potentially harmful for the person on the receiving end. I read your posts on this thread, and in all likelihood you are on the spot with your assessment, but the simple truth is that you don't have enough information to make a truly informed assessment. I think it is always important to make certain to post on these types of threads the important caveat that assessment, IN PERSON, by a physician, therapist, chiropractor, or some other trained professional is always the best first choice.
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