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Re: Avoiding shoulder injuries, and fixing them - What's the best course of action?

Originally Posted by Joe Waguespack View Post
I am wondering about that because a few years ago i was dealing with horrible tendonitis in my elbows and biceps I tried cortisone injections, when that didn't work my doctor sent me to a PT who ran me through a bunch of different things ( massage of the area, exercises, ect.) and that only seemed to make the pain worse. After I finally gave up and figured it was just a pain I would have to deal with if I wanted to continue training my Chiro. suggested using the muscle stim. and ultra sound on my problems and within two weeks the pain was gone and never returned. I am just wondering why these would be considered ineffective modalities? They were very effective on me when nothing else worked.
My chiro used electro stim and ultra sound on my back, and my pt used them on my back and shoulders. It may be a matter of selecting that treatment after assessing what's needed. The body is very complex, so, sometimes we have to make a few visits with different practitioners. Cortisone has also made my rc worse, and so did massage. That was from an orthopedic physician, and massage(by my chiro). Sometimes the practitioners have to try a few things in their little black bag. I'm glad you found relief within two weeks with muscle stim and ultra sound. They make a big difference.
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