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Official 2019 Open and Games thread**

Today the open starts. Currently over 250k sign ups with 4 days to go. Many questions and big changes. What are your plans for the open?

Mine are to have fun
One and done
Do it on Friday and stay away from looking at the leaderboard
Be more involved helping the gym with scores of the athletes/members
Try to inspire peeps
Offer encouraging words and cheer them on

My guesses for the workouts -
Some time period segmented workouts- ascending weight each segment passed.
Some of the Girls workouts in variation. Like Diane with a heavy twist last year
Maybe a super simple workout like 7 min single exercise workout like burpees again.
Part A metcon and Part B heavy lift
10:00 amarap of dubs

New movements- Rope climb, pistols (not likely) , Bench press?

Good luck everyone who is doing it.
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