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Re: Level 3 (CCFT) Test

Originally Posted by Steven Wingo View Post
For those who have inquired periodically, I took the test late today and passed. I'm going to steer far clear of talking about the substance of the test in any way because the non-disclosure rules regarding the substance are very strict.

In my assessment the test is challenging, but fair. Everything you need to earn a passing score can be gleaned from the materials referenced in the handbook so long as you learn the information in depth and make a concerted effort in applying what is presented in the materials on a daily basis in your coaching. Go to the box every day to get better as a coach.

From the very beginning so much about CrossFit has just struck a chord with me. Greg Glassman's business philosophy was appealing from the beginning and is the philosophy I have followed in my law practice for more than 20 years. Don't focus on advertising or marketing or money, just pursue excellence in what you do.

Now that I have the test behind me I'm going to do exactly what Greg Glassman suggests--I'm going to start over and rededicate myself to focusing on the fundamentals both as an athlete and as a coach. And I'll start by improving my own air squat. I'm going to continue to work to master the fundamentals. My favorite CrossFit article/video from the Journal and the materials is Glassman's August 2005 Fundamentals, Virtuosity, and Mastery: An Open Letter to CrossFit Trainers. I've really taken that article to heart and believe its guidance is key.
Steven, do you have a personal email that I can contact you with?
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