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Re: Level 3 (CCFT) Test

Originally Posted by Lauren Clark View Post
Steven it's been a few months since your last post. I'm wondering if you have taken the test yet?
I have not. I'm an attorney by day, coach most weekdays for a couple hours each night, and have a family--had a busy Holidays and am currently traveling a lot with one of my daughters to look at colleges. I have been preparing and have made a lot of progress, but my preparation is slower than I would like.

So far I have printed every written article, read them all, and highlighted those portions I wanted to come back to review. I'm now outlining everything on the computer as I go through the articles a second time. I've also started watching the videos and creating a set of notes from those (I had watched most of the videos before so they are not new to me, but are primarily review).

I am probably a month or maybe two away still. My plan is to ensure I take it in time so that if I don't pass I can wait the 90 days and still have a 2nd shot before my year long window is up.
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