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Re: HA! "Jogging Burns fat better than lifting weights"

Originally Posted by Lewis Dunn View Post
Really a pretty straightforward study. Itís interesting how things like this always get such a kneejerk reaction on this board.
I think it's because the results were predictable and obvious (hard cardio vs easy weights, with the goal of fat loss).

My only beef with it is that it tends to paint strength work as a bad choice for people trying to lose weight. Some 300# guy off the couch is going to hit the pavement for a few miles a week and potentially trash his knees in the process--because how many noobs really consult a running coach? Everyone thinks they can run, but they're terrified of simple free weights as being too complicated or dangerous. Both can be self-taught.

If he were to go to a gym, even for a free training consultation, they could devise some pretty high-intensity stuff that would have similar results. It's just more perpetuation of the idea that cardio and strength are two polar opposites, rather than just points along a continuous spectrum.

I hate to paint with a broad brush, but I think most average people run, use the elliptical, or ride a stationary bike because it's pretty simple and repetitive. The work may be hard, but the program is easy and requires almost no planning or counting reps. (obviously people seriously training for a run know better, but I'm not talking about them)
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