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Re: HA! "Jogging Burns fat better than lifting weights"

Here is another WFS link with a bit more information on the study.

Really a pretty straightforward study. Itís interesting how things like this always get such a kneejerk reaction on this board. You may not like the way the study was done, and it obviously doesnít include many components that might be of interest to Crossfitters (diet, metcon-type aerobic work, more resistance work, non-overweight and non-sedentary participants, etc.), but thereís really nothing in it thatís very surprising.

The comparison of 12 miles of jogging should be to 9 sets of reps (3 sets 3 times per week), not 3 sets. Nine sets isnít all that much work, but 12 miles isnít all that far.

They were apparently looking specifically at visceral and liver fat, not other areas of fat and not overall weight loss.

Keep in mind the group studied was 100% overweight and sedentary.
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