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Re: Gillian Mounsey Article

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post

What sort of changes have been going on to lower injuries in this activity? (besides "you shoulda scaled brah")

There are 200+ screenshots of people from the Internet (crossfit forums, affiliate sites, Facebook, elsewhere) who indicate they got some form of rhabdomyolosis from a Crossfit workout. It's on another forum. Maybe it doesn't hold up to the rigors of statistical data collection, but are you going to deny they exist?

So you're suggesting that most football players get rhabdo after most football games? A condition that up until Crossfit was almost unheard of in the exercise world, and that requires hospitalization and causes permanent kidney damage? Personally, I don't see how that's possible.
I think it is amusing how you feel that CrossFit should take some measures to prevent injuries. CrossFit is an activity!!!!!!!! Football is an activity!!!! Fottball does not do anything but be played and watched. You don't think there are guys who play tackle football without pads and get concusions or get paralyzed? I think you are talking about the NFL, not football, big difference.

Do you know how many times I remember the ambulance coming to my old Powerlifting gym? 4 times in 3 years. You know how many times the ambulance has come to my gym in 2.5 years? Zero. Thousands of dangerous CrossFit workouts done by hundreds of people and no rhabdo. I don't need to look up ststistics on Google and find this or that article about how this expert said this or that. The only injuries worth mentioning we have had were a girl tripping over a stack of bumper plates and breaking her arm, and a girl spraining her ankle by stepping in a pot hole on a run.

If youn think CrossFit is so dangerous, watch the Games this weekend and we will see how many serious injuries there are. They will be doing 10 workouts in 3 days. That would be a comprable comparison to the NFL or "football".