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Re: Gillian Mounsey Article

Originally Posted by Greg Pellegrini View Post
No one on this thread produced concrete data about Crossfit and injuries (again I skipped a page or two so if someone did please correct me). Just pointing to the injury thread is not enough. A good starting point would be to go through each thread post see what the injury is, the severity of the injury, where the injury occurred, and what could have caused it. Some factors to consider are programming, coaching, diet and nutrition, regular activities and daily habits, and general lifestyle.

Anyone feel up to the task?
In CrossFit, because the focus is on performance, there can at times be anti-mainstream exercise science and anti-peer review thinking. For examples:But just because a person's performance is good, doesn't mean everything involved with the performance *caused* that performance to be good. Think of a baseball player who crossed himself, and then hit a homerun, or sports players who wear their lucky underwear, or athletes who wear all sorts of physio tape, compression clothing, etc., endorse pre, during, and post drinks, and so on. Athletes who do what are judged as stupid exercises (think of Tito Ortiz exercise video and he does various curls, or BJ Penn doing all sorts of wobble board exercises). Some of it may be beneficial of course, but applying science helps determine more of what is beneficial.

If they have $ and time and resources, I'd be interested in seeing some studies of methods that help create the fittest on the Earth.


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